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Monday, April 29, 2013

He Put a Ring on it!

Ahhh the weekend has come and gone, and I feel like I just blinked.  I have quite a bit to catch you up on since I didn't post Thursday or Friday! (sorry)

I felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz this weekend, stuck in a whirlwind and then dropped in a fantasy world. Only this fantasy world wasn't a fantasy at all, it was reality.

Could this really be happening? I have waited so long, is it really my turn?

Thursday was quite the busy day, and ended with the most exciting moment in my life to date.  J normally works 3rd shift, but since he was working 1st shift Friday he didn't have to go in to work Thursday night. So we did our normal routine for bed on the weekend. I was scrolling through instagram and I can see Josh out of the corner of my eye come in the room, I turn to put my phone down on the night stand. As I turn back around I can see he his down on his knee leaning across the bed with a box in his hand. As he opens it, I can feel a wave of shock come over me. I wanted to cry but I was in such shock I couldn't. (seriously the one time I don't burst into tears..wth)

I slip the ring on my finger and think how did I get so lucky?! Immediately he says aren't you going to put it on facebook? Ummm nooooooo! "I am not telling anybody tonight, for this night only we are the only ones who know, and I want it to stay this way."

The next day seems like such a whirlwind looking back.

Friday of course I wake up and feel like working out but then quickly realize that is not about to happen because I will be telling my Mama, and two best friends the big news and this in itself will end up causing me to run late! (Great up at 6 and still late?- I normally get up at 7:30) I ate a super fabulous breakfast and shout my great news to the small handful of people that morning.  I could barely concentrate at work, as I had this huge shiny thing on my hand (it's still distracting!).

I decide that today is the day to buy my food journal. I have been using Myfitnesspal for quite some time, and have decided that it no longer serves its purpose for me. I am going to start doing it the old fashioned way again until I can get myself used to the counting in my head.
isn't it Purdy! :)

Of all the times to start getting sick, I started feeling icky around noon. I went to bed early Friday night, woke up Saturday to get my spray tan on for Prom From Hell, and felt better at this point.  Saturday night rolls around and we are all dressed to look ridiculous and have a great time. When I say ridiculous I MEAN RIDICULOUS. It was so fun to see everyone dressed up. A few times out on the dance floor I felt like I had time warped. WEIRD!

Note to self, if you ad tulle to a dress in loops such as this, don't plan on having chairs sitting against a table to save spots...I may or may not have gotten my dress stuck on said legs several times!
Ohhh I rocked this dress!

Then I start getting more pains. This lead to me sitting a LOT, the base in the speakers seemed to make my stomach pain worse! Are you freaking kidding me?! I have been waiting my whole life for this moment, and I can't even enjoy it!? This is some messed up shit! We had a good time though, and I half way celebrated.  After J had a smidgen too much we decided to turn in early...Party ANIMALS!

 I did have a win over the weekend, I barely ate anything and after turning in early I contemplated pizza for 2 hours and decided bed was just the best option considering the pain I was already in!

Sunday, we finally finished telling everyone and then got an overwhelming response from social media sites. We are very excited to start the next phase of our journey together.  Now begins the planning...ok lets be real for a second I am a girl, who was called Princess by her daddy for a reason. I have been planning this day for a LONG LONG time. Now I can officially plan it! ;) And just to help in the aiding with the planning look what my wonderful Mama got me!

On April 5th, 2014 I will become Mrs. J :)


  1. Congrats gir, what exciting news!!!! Wedding planning is so fun :)

  2. So Happy for you Linds!!! Loved reading your engagement story!

    1. Aww thanks girl!!! :) for some reason Google has not been telling me when I get comments! BOO! <3


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