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Monday, April 15, 2013

Can I puhlleeeasseee get a new phone?!?!- weekend recap

Well well well, Hello Monday...we meet again. I have to say I am not really sure WHY the weekends were deemed to be Saturday and Sunday...why not make the weekend Thursday- Monday....anyone think that sounds WAY better?!?! UMMM MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

So I had a fabulous weekend and I would just LOVEE to show you how fabulous BUT in case you IG'ers haven't noticed my IG pics have been MIA for awhile now or at least way fewer than I'd like! Want to know why?!? Well I don't care if you said no, I am going to tell you why! ;)

I currently own the Droid X2 and let me tell you it is a pile of J-U-N-K! I have never loathed a phone more in my life...wait...I take that back, the phone BEFORE this one behaved Similarly...GRR technology.  So at the current moment my phone has been charging more today than not, and when it has been "fully charged" I have unplugged, try to text and then black screen mid text...yes it died...GAH!!! It is about to drive me BATTY. I want my Iphone 5 NOW, I already ordered its case...and it is BEAUTIFUL! ;)
Someone please tell me why this is not at my house right Meow?! :)

Enough about that onto my adventurous weekend. So Friday we made a trip to Iowa City ( it's where the cool kids go). I really wanted BBW's (Buffalo Wild Wings), my co-worker was so wonderful and had them at work so of course I started craving them. BIG MISTAKE. As it turns out, my body is now in the rejecting stage of life for ALL things fried, unless of course I have more good things than fried. I was deeply regretting my decisions to eat potato wedges and boneless wings..even if it tasted amazing. I have now informed J to remind me the next time I want fried food...REMIND me of how I feel right NOW!...His response "why do you act like this is news? You get this way EVERY time" UGH, I hate the "I told you so speech", just pass the Tums!

Overall my weekend was great, LOTS of work done outside ( I PROMISE when I get my phone I will take pictures of our beautiful patio J has been slaving away at), and lots of errands. We also ate out a TON this weekend (BWW's, Fish Fry for the conservation club, and Pancake breakfast for the neighboring fire dept). I was never so happy to eat my yummy omelet and mixed berries for breakfast today. Stay tuned tomorrow I will share my FAVORITE Grill veggies ( I make them extra special).
Those fireman can whip up some goood pancakes (img from google-but they look the same :))

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