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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy Changes- WINNING

HAPPY THURSDAY!!- is it sad that "Thirsty Thursday" just popped in my head?-you can take the girl out of college but you can't take the "college" out of the girl- oh wait yes you can its called your body hates alcohol of any form after the age of 25....No? is that just me?

So as I am sitting here at my desk, something occurred to me. I have really been thinking to myself "have I made any progress?" I mean sure I know how to read labels, and I know how to eat clean, but that doesn't mean I do it.

As I am getting ready to log in myfitnesspal (Lindsayk86- follow me), I realized for the last year I have committed to eating a nutritious breakfast EVERY DAY ( minus when sick-which is not often AT ALL for me). Win. Since starting my journey in January I have committed to eating 4-5 small meals daily. I am trying to keep that afternoon snack in check ( I usually skip it). However I consider this a HUGE win for me, compared to 3 years ago when I would actually try and not eat anything most of the day, thinking that this would help me.

Another WIN for me is that I have been focusing on how much I NEED/WANT to work out- the want is the RUNNING outside!, its weird and hard to explain but this to is really a win. My whole life I have looked at working out as a chore, as something that I was expected by doctors and other professionals to just DO. Well I don't like being told what to do(shocker). I want to DO it on my own. I have never really been one who follows the crowd, I kind of march to the beat of a different drum ;). So to all of you out their who think making the "little" changes does nothing- YOU couldn't be farther from the truth. Those little changes are the ones that actually stick. Here is a list of GOOD changes I have made and know that I will never go back on.

Changes I have made:

1. 4-5 small meals every day (weekends are the hardest)
2. Wanting to Run
3.Buying Almond Milk-No cow milk for our house!
4.Eating breakfast EVERY DAY
5. Seeing myself as a work in progress- not reaching for perfection RIGHT NOW

Changes to come:
1. working out 5-6 days a week REGULARLY
2. eating 5-6 small meals daily
3. Lifting weights- this is one I am going to throw in with 1
4. Eating at least one meal as a salad every day (and no I don't mean the kind with fried chicken doused in Ranch)
5. Creating a healthy lifestyle I would be proud to raise my kids in.

Now if mother nature would just cooperate so I can get outside- I hate the dreadmill!
Yes I will "shake it for you" Luke Bryan! Best running song EVER

What are your small changes?!

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