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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I love birthdays!

 So, today is Tuesday and it appears I did not get my post up yesterday as planned! whomp whomp....so Ill just combine yesterday/today into one. K?! Awesome now sit tight I have a crap ton to throw at you!

So over the weekend it was the wonderful St. Patrick's celebration here in the QCA, and let me tell you I froze my little hiney off just to watch a stinkin parade. What was I thinking?! It seriously felt like it was negative 100 outside with the wind ( last years parade I sweat my butt off and got burnt...I will never complain about that again). So what better way to warm your stupid ass up after standing in the cold? Hot chocolate with Bailey's? Yes please...most expensive hot chocolate EVER (1 dollar for a mini Styrofoam cup and 2 something for the shot- they saw me and my bff comin a mile away- I probably would have paid 10) We bar hopped to a couple places and then J met up with us- he was oh so thrilled :). Then by dinner we split from everyone else and went to a friends birthday bash- what an interesting night.

Sunday, J and I picked up my mom to go target shooting (she has never done it, so of course J insisted). It was fun, but again HOLY FREEZING (I need some serious under armor gloves with hot hands inserts). Then continued to eat bad Sunday for dinner.

Lets just recap what bad food choices I made this weekend- Go big or Go home, not so much when it comes to food.
           *Happy Joe's
           * City Limits (its a bar and I had fries and a grilled chicken sandwich)
           *lets not forget all of the beer...YIKES- but man was it fun!

So not only did I feel awful yesterday but I have eaten starburst today and feel icky- WHY do we eat foods that "seem like a good idea" but then make us feel awful. J and I had an interesting conversation that is oh so true. If we tend to get sick on something, we usually never want it again (for me its Wendy's- YUCK) but alcohol somehow escapes this trend- I mean really who hasn't said "I'm NEVER drinking again!"..only to drink the next weekend? Although the spaces seem to get larger between escapades for me, I still find myself wanting to go out and "party" after months of not doing it then I deeply DEEPLY regret it. Food has the same agenda for me- only the timing is different, immediately after eating KFC I felt gross, and still 2 days later I have a crap food hangover...WHY?!?!! Well I got "it" out of my system and plan to not do fast food like that again...yuck!

Now on to today, its pretty important...its J's birthday! YAY!!! Is it sad that I am more excited about this than he is?!...wait don't answer that. I made upon his request Meatloaf and Au gratin potatoes from scratch. My grandma offered to bring the apple pie (his favorite) and of course I bought candles for it- he's going to be thrilled-which I totally forgot to use! whomp whomp

P.S. I am going to try moving my alarm clock..aka phone across the room so that I have to get my butt UP in the morning to work out!

P.P.S like my signature?! :) I'm pretty proud of myself- ugh I found a website that has a template-I'm not that good :)

Here's my favorite pic from this weekend :)

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