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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

7 More days...let the cleanse begin

So I am not sure if you have seen this commercial or not..but if not you NEED to, if you have you know you want to watch it again because its that awesome!

Time to do the humpty hump....
Now that I have just made your day better...lets talk about how many days I have left until vacay!

7!!!!!!!! 7 more days and at 5pm I will be on VACATION...holla at ya girl!....sometimes I think I'm ghetto..then I remember how white I am!

So can we just talk about how bad I am at procrastinating?!

Except for making lists...I love lists...lists are my favorite...I have done nothing to prepare for my 11 days off.

This is not so unlike me but at the same time very unlike me...I like to be prepared for shit to hit the fan so to speak.

So I have started making a food list- here's how I plannnnn to stay on track! I know I can stick pretty close to this with a few cheat meals/snacks- here's my grocery list so far....

Packing other things will come later...I'll keep you posted since I have 2 mini vacays...Woot Woot! (raise the roof)

On to the cleanse...I have done AWESOME with food today...and I am definitely NOT hungry...so why is my brain stuck on E? ( I did take measurements so I will be sure to do a post after I am finished and partially through to give an update!)

Check out my amazing breakfast though...yummmm

I have eaten just over my calories (1500) for today plus I ran this morning and have volleyball tonight...not tooo shabby!

So whyyy is my brain still thinking hmmm what are you going to eat next? How do I get my brain to refocus and NOT on food!

This has been a huge issue lately..constantly thinking about what I am going to eat next and when I am going to eat it....its a horrid obsession..but eating before you become hungry is such a foreign concept for me.

I am hoping that this cleanse will just do a total reset and I can get past the 2pm sugar cravings...which so far have not hit...Winning!

I have a long ways to go but I definitely know how amazing I felt this morning after doing an AM workout, so I know that will push me to continue.

I'm pretty nervous about Saturday morning, but I will touch more on that Friday! Tomorrow I am doing the linky link up with Holly and Mel..two of my faves!!

 So come back tomorrow if you want a sneak at some details....some you will just have to wait another 9 months!!


  1. Good luck you can do this and YAY for linking up!

  2. HEY I'm doing the advocare cleanse as we speak!! That fiber drink...wtf, I almost vomit every damn time. Did you finish?? How did it go?

  3. Actually I didn't finish it this time around...I started vacation and my monthly lovely came early, so the fiber made me want to puke! haha...BUT I will say the peaches and cream wasn't terrible..but the citrus I def mixed with OJ, and you have to chug that shit like its going to be the last meal you ever eat and you have 5 seconds to get it down! It thickens and makes me gag! haha overall though I like the cleanse but I picked a horrible week to do it. I think if I were to do it this week I would do great and actually use it the way you are supposed to! :) Let me know what you think of it!


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